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Fight against Identity Theft with Fraud Alert

One thing you can be proud of always is your self-identity -- your individual difference among other persons. It reflects your whole being and your personality in general. It also shows your uniqueness with other people. It is something that cannot be stolen from you.

However, donít you know that nowadays other people can steal your personal identity already?

Yes. You should be alarm with this fact. Maybe due to the continuous search of men for wealth, they happen to commit this kind of calcification to the point that they are already intervening in oneís privacy, the personal identity of others.

This is how worse the situation is in the world today. Imagine having your identity stolen by others and used for criminal acts. Isnít it a grave offense and a deep insult in your person? Identity theft evolved when there is numerous numbers of people already practicing this form of violation.

Identity theft is indeed a crime of a different kind of dye. In simple term, it is the stealing of your personal identity. It can be comprise of your identification information. It will include your SSS number, licenses data, bank accounts, your full name and other details that reveal your identity.

Are these people gaining benefit from you? Precisely yes. Those people who are stealing oneís identity can profit a lot. Just take it as an example, if another person knows your bank account number and your full name, he can make transaction with the bank. In other words, he will be given the privilege to withdraw from your money.

There are many ways on how you can prevent yourself from being one of the victimsí of identity theft. Aside from the personal means that you can do it by yourself, you can also engage in the so-called fraud alert. Try to know more about it.

However, you are not yet aware about identity theft, it is necessary that you apply your credit file with fraud alert. This is one way to protect your account from being stolen by other people especially if they are attempting to do so.

Fraud alert refers to something attached to your credit report. This is usually done by most of the major credit bureaus where you are connected. This fraud alert works simple. If there is someone, who is going to make transaction concerning your account the credit bureau will make an immediate call after you.

This will be a prior notification for you. If in case the call cannot reach you, it only means one thing that, your account should not be opened. This will somehow inform the credit company that the person is not really given the authority to make transaction on his account.

It is easy to set up your fraud alert. All you need to do is to coordinate with the fraud alert department op the credit bureau that you are engaging. Afterwards, you can simply notify them to top flag your credit file for fraud. To secure this, you will be asked to record your voice in an automated voice response system because this will be utilized when they are calling you.

If it there comes a time when you already want to remove the fraud alert not flagged in your credit file, you can immediately inform them requesting for a removal through writing. It is necessary that you should place your full name, SSS number, your current and previous addresses, the date of your birth, and your contact number. You have to send it on the fraud alert department of the credit bureaus where you apply your fraud alert.

Fraud alert is a big help for the security of your account. However, you should also beware that sometimes fraud alter is disregarded by some creditors. If you are a previous victim of identity theft or you know that somebody is planning against your account, fraud alert can help. Nevertheless, you also need to check on your credit report if it is still updated.

Securing your identity is the most important thing that you should always put into consideration. Do not let these thefts conquer your privacy. They do not deserve a wealthy living with their kind of act!

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